The series with your Childs heart in mind.

"I totally love this book. It belongs to my grand daughter and I borrowed it. But, this is what kids need to be reading. It will teach them to make good godly decisions. It will encourage them to pray for people and to be kind to others. "                

-Amazon Reviewer

"In this book your child will be encouraged to put God first. They will learn why they should start each day reading the Bible and praying. They will learn to trust God with their life and to give their plans for the day to Him."                                             

-Amazon Reviewer                  

"I bought books 1-3 for my seven year old granddaughter for Christmas. She loves the stories and it’s wonderful to know I can trust the content and the Christian themes of the book. "        

-Amazon Reviewer

"I've read book one and book three and book two is next on my list - but these books are truly amazing. Kids learn so much from the lessons characters in books take them through and Beth and Ben will take them on a path that leads to Jesus! I plan to buy the rest of this series as they come out and I plan to buy another set of these for other grandchildren. Every child needs to read these."                 

-Amazon Reviewer

     Fun fact: Each book in the He Reigns series begins and  ends with "heart". Look for the word "heart" in the first and last paragraphs.

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