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Nine-year-old twins Beth and Ben Chamberlin are moving to a home in the country, and Beth's dream of owning a horse could finally be coming true. For Beth, moving is everything she has ever wanted.


Ben might be a twin, but his feelings about the move couldn't be more mixed.  Sure, there's a big yard and a barn, with all kinds of exciting possibilities, but what if all of Beth's dreams come true, and the only thing he gets is the short end of the stick?  


Bad moods turn into bad attitudes and threaten to ruin both of their dreams. The siblings must learn to  let God take control of the reins of their hearts before everything is lost.

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Summer is supposed to be fun, but things have never been worse for eight-year-old Jack Bolton and his nine-year-old sister, Emma.  Spending the summer with grandparents he has never met is not Jack's idea of fun.  And Grandpa bringing horses to the farm has Emma sick with fear.  


The siblings remember Dad saying, “We can trust God to bring us through anything,” but they are finding it hard to believe God's promises with Mom and Dad so far away.  His promises must be Forever Settled in their hearts.

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Ten-year-old Emma and her younger brother Jack have been invited back to their Grandparents for the summer. Only this time they have to fly. Jack is hoping it will provide a way of escape. But, Emma is left torn between her fear of flying and the opportunity to see her beloved Bart.

If they make it to Lander they'll have to work hard to get their horses and their hearts ready for the fair.

Hope County Fair is a sweet trot through the hearts and lives of our four friends Beth, Ben, Emma, and Jack.  Each is hoping to show well at the fair. Each will have to allow God to help them work through the obstacles that get in their way. 

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Everyone is missing! Eleven-year-old Emma’s best day ever quickly turns into a nightmare. While spending the summer with her grandparents in Lander, Wyoming, Emma enjoys a ride on her horse, Bart. But, when she gets back to the house, there’s a problem. It’s empty. No warning, no note, and no one to call leaves Emma shaking in her shoes.

 When she discovers the reason, Emma finds herself questioning her relationship with God. Even more questions arise after a visit to a struggling horse rescue farm. Seeing the sadness in the faces of so many abused horses, and meeting Tucker, the sickly appaloosa, only adds to the pain of her already broken heart. 

While Emma works to save the horse rescue, who will rescue her heart?

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Ten-year-old Jack Warren has had it up to here with raking leaves. His sneaky escape leads to the surprise of a lifetime—a six-horse team of draft horses pulling the fanciest carriage he has ever seen. His sister doesn’t believe him, his dad doesn’t want to talk about it, and things take a surprising turn when Grandpa comes for a visit.

Jack learns the hard way that obedience takes practice and sometimes it hurts. The lessons of the harness may be painful, but the reward outshines the pain.

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Ben, and his sister’s horse Ren, have been practicing for the barrel race. They might even be able to win. But show clothes and entrance fees cost more money than he has. With registration only two weeks away, he needs to earn money—and fast. 

On top of that, the horses have been escaping from their pasture and he has an unfriendly meeting with the new boy in town. Now it looks like this quiet boy will steal his only job opportunity.

Could a homework journal and a tiny bit of faith hold the answer?



is coming soon!

Here's where it is in the process:

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NOTHING TO FEAR fills your baby's heart with the precious Word of God.  It builds the powerful love of God in their life as you cuddle them in your arms.


Based on 2 Timothy 1:7 with lullaby like prose, it is just as lovely as it is soothing.  Your baby will love to look at and touch the pictures as you read.


This is a book parents and grandparents will love reading over and over to their little ones.  A great gift for any occasion, but a special stand out for Baby Showers, Baby Dedications and Baptisms. 

Anthologies Anthologies Anthologies

Shiawassee Area Writers was founded in 2017 for writers like me in the greater Shiawassee area of Michigan. Local writers banded together to write short stories of fiction, poetry, and memoir all with Mid-Michigan seasonal themes. The books are available on Amazon. Proceeds from the anthologies fund scholarships for youth entering a writing field and local authors attending writer conferences.


Shiawassee Area Writers capture the essence of summer in this, their third anthology. Memoirs, poems, essays, and short stories fill this wonderful read with vacation dreams, camping antics, golfing expectations, and Shiawassee County Fair events. Grab a cool drink and venture outdoors with us. You'll enjoy a family reunion, stories around a campfire, and a stroll down a flower-lined dirt road. Then take a moment to reflect on our country and the freedoms we all enjoy. All these amazing new stories are preserved for years to come. As always, a portion of the proceeds from this book will go toward encouraging young Shiawassee County writers pursuing a career in journalism, creative or freelance writing. The Shiawassee Area Writer endeavor to inspire others in their quest for publication.

Winter in the Mitten is filled with writings of humor, reflection, and perhaps some that might stir your memory and emotions. Each story is unique, just as the wonderful individuals who wrote them. The winter themed diverse anthology features fiction, memoirs, and poetry highlighting the best aspects of this season. You don’t want to miss some of the personal miracles shared or the vivid imagination of our fiction and poetry writers. For many of Shiawassee Area Writers, these are their first publications. They’ve worked diligently with rewrites, edits, deadlines, and revisions. They’ve gained knowledge about guidelines, formatting, and grammar. Each member dedicated to master the skills of writing for publication, seeking to make their stories the best they can be. For SAW’s seasoned authors, this is a special way to give back. We would like to share this blessing with you, our readers. This winter season and always; may your hearts be filled with forgiveness, joy, gratitude, hope, and the greatest of these, love. Because…everyone has a story, but few have the courage to share them.


Spring in the Mitten is filled with writings to stir you to laugh, cry, and reflect on the awakening of this season in Michigan. The dawning of a warmer climate to the mitten state brings out emotions of joy and reflection, different for each writer. This is the second anthology for Shiawassee Area Writers and highlights fiction, memoirs, essays, and poetry. For some Shiawassee Area Writers, these are their first publications and for others, it follows their submitted work in our first anthology, Winter in the Mitten, published in September of 2018. Through rewrites, edits, deadlines, and revisions, each one honed their manuscripts, but also their craft of learning to write for publication. The entire process took almost a year for each writer to finalize. Our group is excited to share their writings with you. The spring season brings out an assortment of childhood memories, visions of new flower gardens or experiences in the mud. Also important, is the special season of Easter. Spring brings a new beginning, a fresh start, a step closer to summer fun and vacations. We’re also excited to share some of this book’s profits by awarding two Shiawassee area high school seniors scholarships to pursue a career in writing. Because…everyone has a story, but few have the courage to share them.

The Shiawassee Area Writers have persevered through 2021 and are proud to present a fourth and final book in the ‘Mitten Seasonals’ anthologies.
So snuggle beneath a soft blanket, grab your favorite warm beverage, and enjoy reading a wide array of stories featuring Michigan autumns. Whether it’s hiking, hunting, falling in love, or a spooky exploration, we can all agree that this season is a splendid time of year complete with earthy scents, cool evenings, vivid colors, and dancing bonfires. We want our writings to ‘touch your heart and soul’ in the form of fiction, personal essays, poems, and memoirs.
As in previous publications, a portion of the proceeds will go toward scholarships for area high school seniors. The Shiawassee Area Writers (SAW) would love to see everyone’s writing dreams become a reality.

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Oh, the Great Lakes! The beauty of these immense fresh-water lakes almost surpasses their power. Close your eyes and put your feet in the sand. Listen to the seagulls and the waves. We’re going to visit beaches, a lighthouse, islands and more.
The Shiawassee Area Writers’ aim is to help writers become authors. In that endeavor, we help each other make dreams come alive on paper. This year our youngest member, Jackson Pollok, came up with our theme. Since then, members have fine tuned and polished their submissions with the help of editors from the group.
Proceeds from SAW books are granted through scholarships to local seniors pursuing writing careers. We also honor a member of SAW, once a year, with an opportunity to attend a writing conference of their choice.
We hope you enjoy our tales of what makes our Michigan lakes memorable.

Connect with Author Laurie Salisbury on Twitter and Facebook by clicking the social media icons below.

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